Hey Vets, did you know that the VA now covers your Chiropractic and massage therapy? Simply ask your VA office to fax us approvals for your visits to us. Sometimes the VA will first fax us a authorization for an exam, and after we let the VA office know about our exam findings we will then get 24 visits approved by the VA for you!

Cardinal Chiropractic has a deep appreciation for all VETS that have served our great country. We are proud to serve you!
Schedule an appointment with your VA office and demand your chiropractic! VA Chiropractors in Shively, VA in the 40215 40216 area code. Have the VA fax us at 502-448-1555 your authorized visits today? For any additional questions or concerns, call us at 502-448-5241 or email us at cardinalchiropractic1@gmail.com.