Let’s face it- America is getting old. And with old age comes back-pain, foot-pain, that crick in my neck, and how my right shoulder pops out when I … you know, go like this.

The aging American public has discovered massage therapy in a big way; people aged 55 to 64 being the most massaged. Just ask any massage enthusiast: “There’s nothing more relaxing than a good rub; it always makes you feel like you’re being pampered in a spa or on a cruise, even if you’re only getting massaged down the street.”

Besides reducing physical pain, massage therapy has been used to increase flexibility, treat Alzheimer’s patients, relieve high blood pressure from stress, and alleviate depression.

But getting a massage is not just for seniors. In fact, you are never too young to get rubbed. The AMTA reports that children suffering from leukemia show improvements when their parents massage them everyday. Massage therapy also played a role in the last Olympics in Athens, where competitors enjoyed pre-event rubs.

While we’re at it, maybe your dog also needs a massage. Nowadays, it’s not out of the ordinary to see a massage therapist in a vet’s office, animal shelter, or police department. Some pets, particularly Golden Retrievers, commonly suffer from muscle pain and arthritis in their old age. Massage therapy can save your best friend from that pain he can’t tell you about.

Sign Me Up For A Rub

While massage therapy is still the most requested service at most spas, maybe you didn’t have to take vacation days from work to get rubbed. More and more companies are including massages in their benefits packages in an effort to relieve workplace stress. Some therapists will even come to the office. Insurance companies also often cover massage therapy when prescribed by a physician, practitioner, or chiropractor.

It is not uncommon for a chiropractor to send a patient to massage therapy before they do a correction. Miller holds that “massage therapy prepares the individual and his/her body for the healing adjustment.” Automobile insurance providers may even pick up the tab for massages prescribed in relation to auto accidents.

Most massage therapists either work in the personal care services industry, in a physician’s or practitioner’s office, at a college, or are self-employed. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the highest concentration of massage therapists, which reflects demand for their services, exists in Hawaii and Nevada.

Massage therapy fees range from $60 per hour to some self-employed therapists who fetch $100 per hour, plus tip.

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