Kynect Doctors in Louisville

Published April 25th, 2014 in Uncategorized


We are proud to announce that Cardinal Chiropractic was chosen by the Kynect or medicaid providers, meaning, we are now in the kynect network!

Did you know that Louisville Chiropractors are very happy to refer you to pain management, orthopedic doctors, or kynect doctors in 40216, kynect doctors in Shively?!

We have a great relationship with Kynectors, Kynect, medicaid, and if you are look for chirocare from kynect Doc, Kynect Doctors, Kynect Doctors in Shively, Kynect Doctors in 40214 or Kynect Doctors in 40216, or kynect doctors in 40215, we are there for you to help! CALL us at 448-5241 or email us at Call us at 448-5241 or email us at