Fibromyalgia did not exist 40 years ago. Conditions like it were known as Epstein-Barr or chronic fatigue syndrome. In 2023 on Dixie Highway in particular, or anywhere in the 40216 area code, there is just too much stress for the human body to endure. If you imagine the human body and the amount of stress it can take, when that point is reached the body is overloaded with physical, chemical, and emotional stress that must go somewhere. This stress over flows into the surrounding muscle tissue. There are approximately 18 stress points on the human body that are common to doctors and patients alike. Some are above and around the shoulder blades, some are on the inside (median) knee, and this is just a general guide, as these trigger points can form in other area. Fibromyalgia can cause unbearable pain as well as fatigue and depression, and are a debilitating problem that has reached epidemic levels in our fast-paced society.

Just a quick look at the 6 lane traffic on Dixie Highway can make anyone a believer in the power of the mind and body to affirm that the environment we live in can contribute to stress, and thus, fibromyalgia. Those who live in the 40216 zip code in Shively know firsthand how much stress we have to endure just leading our daily lives. Don’t believe me? Come down to Cardinal Chiropractic and sit in our parking lot and just watch the faces of the motorists as they try to cross two lanes of busy traffic to get in the “suicide”, or middle lane just to get home from work or do an errand. Alternatively, if you had the time you could spend a day on Dixie Highway, and before long you would either come upon, or witness, a traffic accident. Car wrecks, truck wrecks, work-related car wrecks, they are all a part of a typical day in 2023 on Dixie Highway.

Cardinal Chiropractic has been treating car wrecks in the 2023zip code and surrounding areas since the 1950’s. We also have had great success treating fybromyalgia without drugs or surgery. We love our patients and do not want anyone suffering from this terrible condition needlessly. Call us today at 502-448-5241, we can help!