Is Your Spine Degenerating?

Cardinal Chiropractic Newsletter - May 2007Spring is in full swing and we can see signs of renewal and regeneration everywhere—from budding trees and flowers to returning birds to baby wildlife. It’s a great time to reflect upon yourself and see what you can do to renew your body. Everyone is growing older and though age effects us all with its wrinkles, sags, and body aches, we can do a lot to control the extent of our degeneration.

Excessive wear can be prevented through proper nutrition, exercise, and, most importantly, protection of our spine. Spinal degeneration occurs when damage is done to the spine, be it from trauma like a fall or auto accident or long term wear like poor posture or excessive weight. As spinal degeneration progresses, the discs between the vertebrae narrow and scar tissue is formed. If left untreated, bone growth will increase and sections of the spinal column can fuse together. This results in constant pain and discomfort as well as limited mobility.

Fortunately, early detection of spinal degeneration can stop its progression. In some cases, when caught early enough, degeneration has even been reversed. The first step in protecting your spine is a chiropractic screening. If you haven’t been by in a while or know someone who has never had chiropractic, call to schedule.

If you’re on track with your care, keep it up! Every adjustment is working to keep your bones moving and keep degeneration out of your spine. That means more overall mobility, better communication through your nerves, and higher energy. Add it all up and a healthy spine equals a healthy you.