De-Stress After the Holidays

January 2007 Newsletter - Cardinal ChiropracticThe Holidays are often full of so much activity, we find it hard to take time for ourselves and end up seriously stressed by New Year’s Day. Whether the stress comes from physical, chemical, or emotional sources, the result is the same. Headaches, muscle tension, digestive distress, fatigue, sleep  disorders, and various aches and pains of unknown origin. Your nervous system has been damaged and is malfunctioning. When these symptoms occur, it’s time to break the cycle of chronic tension.

Create a schedule that allows time for yourself as well as the time you need to accomplish your everyday demands. Eat right (this means avoiding caffeine, fatty foods and sugar), get enough rest, and include a regular exercise program in your daily schedule.

Also, be sure to get your chiropractic adjustments. When you are stressed, your body is more susceptible to subluxations or minor misalignments of the spine caused by trauma to the neck and back, poor posture, and lack of exercise. Each subluxation puts pressure on your nerves and causes interference between your brain and the organs and muscles it controls, resulting in a loss of function. Adjustments correct the misalignment, thereby reducing nerve interference.

When your nervous system is kept in optimum working order, your body can better respond to stressful situations. This means it will be less likely to be damaged by the effects of stress in the future. After all, stress only hurts us when it is greater than our resistance to it.

Making time for exercise, adjustments, and fun keeps you strong!

Has this been you lately? We can help!