Been in a car wreck? Auto accidents on Dixie Highway occur daily, and we have been treating Shively chiropractic patients for auto injuries for many years. We believe we have the finest chiropractic care for car wrecks in the Louisville area. Whether your Shively car wreck happens, turn to the professional team at Cardinal Chiropractic.

Louisville car accidents can occur when another person is on a cell phone, is not paying attention to driving conditions, or just “by accident”!  We have treated numerous Shively car wrecks recently due to another driver texting or using their cell phone. Usually this results in a rear end collision, and whiplash can occur. This Shively Chiropractor has seen it all!

After you have been in a car wreck, whether your car wreck was a louisville car wreck or specifically a Dixie Highway auto accident, the first thing you should do is call the police. Dial 911, as you never know when a seemingly minor Louisville car accident can result in lifelong pain and suffering. If the injuries are relatively minor, you should immediately ice the areas of your body that have pain and call our office at 502-448-5241. In many cases our clients consult with an attorney that deals with Louisville car accidents. We do not recommend calling an attorney from the yellow pages or ads, as much of the time these attorneys spend a lot on ads for Shively car wrecks, auto accidents, workman’s compensation, dogbites, and other areas of law and the customer ends up getting poor service.

Cardinal Chiropractic recommends consulting with an attorney that really knows the ins and outs of car insurance laws, auto accident laws, and all aspects unique to louisville and shively car accidents. Whether your zip code is 40216 or 40207, you should try to get a referral to a louisville car wreck attorney that is an expert in shively auto accidents, louisville, kentucky auto accidents, and car wrecks in the 40216 area code.

Consult Cardinal Chiropractic as soon as possible and make an appointment to see the Doctor. Our staff is trained to order MRI’s, refer to Louisville Pain Management Clinics, and also can provide advice unique to Shively auto injuries. Many times it is wise to have an attorney that resides in the Shively area, or nearby downtown. Shively auto accidents and Shively car wreck chiropractors are a dime a dozen in our area, but few can duplicate our years in business and success treating auto injuries and whiplash.

We enjoy our patient’s, even after the trama experienced in an automobile accident in Shively or Louisville. Dixie highway enjoys a reputation for auto accidents. Simply speaking, there is a car wreck on Dixie Higway every single day of the year! Shively chiropractors are in a very competitive environment due to this fact, and many Louisville whiplash cases start right on Dixie Highway. Louisville car wreck attorney’s are also quite numerous, and beware, as there are good car wreck lawyers and bad car wreck lawyers. “I hate my lawyer” or “my lawyer sucks” is often heard in our office. How we wish you had come to us first! We can refer a top notch Louisville auto attorney, we know the best Shively car wreck lawyers and we do not deal with anyone but the best, who offer the best service to our patients. Whether you have whiplash, low back pain, or pain into the arms or legs, consult Cardinal Chiropractic immediately following a car accident. At Cardinal Chiropractic, you can be certain that we know Shively car wrecks, and Louisville Auto Accidents, we see them nearly every day!