Attorneys to Handle Your Car Wreck?

Published December 17th, 2022 in Uncategorized

One of the most stressful things to happen to someone driving on Dixie Hwy. or anywhere else is to get in a car accident. Immediately our thoughts go to whether our insurance rates will go up, if we are injured, and if anyone else is hurt in the wreck. Finding a lawyer after a car wreck is a personal choice. Sometimes the insurance company will give you a low-ball offer for the value of your car, as a example. Do you want to go it alone and battle it out with the powerful insurance company like Allstate or Progressive? Or do you want to hire the right lawyer for your representation? If you get into a car wreck in the 40216 Shively zip code, the 40215 zip code, or whether your car accident was on some other part of Dixie Hwy. you may be able to handle this insurance issues on your own. Finding a good car wreck lawyer 40216, 40215 or other area is not easy. Pick a lawyer that has a good commercial? Probably not? The biggest lawyer in town with very high overhead that makes it important that he or she gets a good settlement for your case. Lawyers on Dixie Hwy. for car wrecks are a mixed bag. Some will not return your call for several weeks or not at all. Chiropractic care after a car wreck is another consideration. Some attorneys have a cozy relationship with a chiropractor that does not have any real experience treating car wrecks. You want to pick the right one. Cardinal Chiropractic can help with your car wrecks, and we happen to know a lawyer or too that will fight for your money.